Choosing a Wireless Dog Fence

Choosing a wireless dog fence can be hard, but for many dog owners, it is worth doing. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when it comes to trying to choose the best wireless pet containment systems. Details will become very important in shopping for dog containment systems of any kind, but especially a wireless fence. You will want the best for your dog’s needs and behavior patterns. You want your dog to be able to run around your yard without escaping, because after all, a fence of any kind is there to protect your dog.

The Basics of Choosing a Wireless Dog Fence

First and foremost, it is important to know exactly how big your property is. All of the wireless dog fences out there have electronic transmitters to make the wireless fence work as an effective pet containment option. You have to know how big the transmitter is in order to know how far the range will be. For instance, if you have a 50-foot yard, then you will want a minimum of a 50-foot range, not a 25-foot range, to work best for your dog.

Most wireless fence systems have lots of pros and cons, and one of them is the need for your dog to wear a transmitter collar. If you have two or less dogs, then this will be no problem for you. Most wireless dog fence options come on the market with two collars that you can put around your dogs’ necks. If you have more than two dogs, however, you will have to find a fence kit that offers additional collars. This, unfortunately, will leave you with not many choices to choose from.

This is a warning to people with big yards and more than two dogs. If you have both of these obstacles, then you will have to be likely to have to invest a lot of money in your wireless dog fencing system. Most of these wireless fence devices are meant to keep your pet contained in an average-sized yard, not for the yard of a mansion or for a yard appropriately sized for four big dogs.

The Advantage of Electronic Dog Fences

In some states, counties, and townships, fenced yards are not an option because of building codes. But for a pet owner, having some form of pet containment in your yard is very important. For these individuals, electronic dog fences are often your best option for keeping your pet safely within the limits of your yard.

Also, electric dog fences offer aesthetic appeal to many owners. Traditional fences can be too large, distracting, and sometimes even ugly. With a wireless dog fence, a wire is buried in the ground and a transmitter, worn around your dog’s neck, provides a warning sound and ultimately a mild electric shock if your dog approaches where the wire is buried.

Of course, there are dog training steps required for getting your dog used to the new fence system. You must walk your dog to the boundary until he learns that the sound only comes when he approaches the edge. The use of temporary small lawn flags will help your remember where the boundary of your fence system is and make these dog training steps easier.

A wireless dog fence is ultimately very easy to setup and easy to use. Your dog will be taught in no time where he can’t go, but you do need to take the time to train him about where the boundaries of the wireless fence are. This is for your dog’s comfort and safety as well as your own. The goal of wireless fencing systems is to provide a warning to your dog if he goes too far, not to shock him all the time.

Wireless Dog Fences: Cost and Quality

The wireless fencing product you are considering buying is not a product where you can just buy the cheapest one and you’re done. You have to think about what you need, what your dog needs, and what your home and lifestyle allow. If you have a small yard and have one dog you may be able to spend less than someone with an acre of land and three dogs, but you still have to look at a wireless dog fence as an investment.

Quality is the key to owning an electric dog fence. While you of course want to find an inexpensive one, but you don’t want it to be cheap in quality. Ultimately, you want to get your money’s worth. You don’t want to overpay, but you don’t want buy something that will break in a day or two. Remember, a wireless pet containment system is important for your dog’s safety while out in your yard.

If you are having trouble with finding an electronic dog fence, you might want to look on a website like or Ebay. Amazon will let you compare prices on wireless dog fences at a quick glance. Also you can read reviews on Amazon, so even if you want to go to another store to purchase it, you can get help from other dog owners writing about their experiences with electronic dog fences and the pros and cons of each brand. If you read some reviews and talk to some people you will get a great wireless dog fence product for a low price.

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