Westminster Dog Show

Have you ever been to a dog competition? The Westminster Dog Show only has one other foundation older than them still around today, and that is the Kentucky Derby, by only one year. Founded in 1877, the Westminster show quickly became America’s first choice in dog competitions. The Westminster Kennel Club is the oldest organization established for sporting with purebred dog breeds.

The Westminster Dog Show has become the symbol of purebred dog competitions worldwide. People have enjoyed the Westminster dog competitions for over 130 years and they continue to enjoy it today. The competition makes it up there next to the super bowl and the world cup when it comes to fan enjoyment. The show brings the dog and owner together as one while they are practicing and while they are performing.

How the Dog Competitions Started

The Westminster Dog Show was created in 1877 in New York City. Even from the first year, this show was foreseen to be one of the greatest dog competitions ever. Just one week after it was held in 1877, magazines and newspapers were buzzing with how well the show went and were quoted as saying that they couldn’t wait until the next year to see how they would improve.

As New York grew in popularity and showed economic growth, so did thus spectacular canine show. As the city grew and people came in from all around to live and settle down in the Big Apple, people came in from all around to see this incredible presentation of dog breeds.

The Westminster Dog Show Vision

America’s gold standard of dog shows was designed to improve the dog breeds, to educate humans about features of certain dog breeds, and to bring them closer to humans. From this perspective, the Westminster competition has done its job, since over 100 years later, we are still hosting the show and dogs are still man’s best friend. The Westminster Dog Show has proven how helpful dogs can be, given us insight into the roles and jobs dog breeds have had throughout history, and shown how talented dogs can be. It also shows how well you can bond with your dog and how much dedication people have towards their canine companions.

Even though you probably won’t find the creation of the Westminster Dog Show in your history textbook, it has certainly made history. The dog competition pre-dates many inventions and historical events and is still around 130 years later. How many events or organizations can brag about that?

Best in Show: Westminster Dog Show Future

The Westminster competition has been around for many pivotal parts of American history. It has been around for 24 elections of new presidents and has seen many states join the United States. It has also been around before World War 1 and 2. With 130 best in show Westminster Dog Show winners, there is a long list of wonderful dogs that deserved the title. And that list will keep growing, as the ultimate in dog competitions will almost definitely be around for 100 more years.

With the new year coming around the bend, so is the next of the dog shows. With it for 2012, there will be six new dog breeds allowed in the show. Originally, these breeds were not allowed to compete, but they have just been recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). First, we have the American English Coonhound. This dog is a descendant of the Virginian Foxhound and is a great athlete known for its endurance and sociability. The other five breeds are the Cesky Terrier, EntleBucher Mountain Group, Finnish Lapphund, Norwegian Lundehund, and the Xoloitzcuintli. These dogs are sure to be a crowd pleasing this year, especially with the introduction of new breeds to the competition.

The Westminster Dog Show is sure to be exciting this year. The dog show has been different every year and will definitely be even better this year. You should definitely think about getting tickets if you have never been, or even if you have, you should still go!

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