Training a Dog to Come

Training a dog to come to you is a great way to ensure your dog's safety. Some people might say that isn't easy to train a dog to come. Well, I have trained many dogs to come and I didn't find it too hard. Older dogs might have a harder time with this recall, but you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Training a dog to come is like teaching your child to talk. It may take a while to get it perfect, but it is easy once you get the hang of it. Teaching your dog to come is one of the most important basic dog training commands to teach. You can take her hiking or for a walk, bring him to the dog park, or even go off-leash to a beach without worrying about your dog. It is the best way to ensure your dogs safety.

I will not lie to you, making your dog have an immediate response to your dog training command is and can be quite hard. It can take quite a lot of work and dedication. For more active dogs and dogs trained to chase something, this particular command is against their very nature. Please do not let the amount of work involved with training a dog to come discourage you, though, because this command can save your dog's life.

How to Start Training a Dog to Come

dog come trainin

Like with every other dog obedience training command, first you have to teach the dog the word. You have to make them understand the word, not just to respond to your voice, and make sure you get an immediate response. You might want to train your dog when they are very young because puppies already love to follow you around, and this will make teaching this command easier, but teaching an older dog is very possible too.

As with any dog training tips I have provided, you can use any word you would like for this command. I recommend using "Come" or "Here."

It is best to start training a dog to come by working with your dog inside the house for his safety. If there is someone who can help you practice the "come" command with your dog by keeping him across the room, that will help.

1. Start by kneeling on the floor with a dog training treat in your hand or pocket.

2. With your dog on the other side of the room, say her name in a cheerful tone, followed by the word "come."

3. Only say the command, "Bailey, come," ONE time. This is very important!

4. Wave the dog training treat if necessary to further encourage your dog to come to you.

5. When your dog is at your side, praise her and reward her with the treat.

6. Repeat these steps several times daily.

The next step is to reinforce the come command by adding a distraction. If you can, have a friend or family member join you in training your puppy to come to you. Start playing a “back and forth” game with your dog by calling him to come, then having your friend call him to come, rewarding him each time he does.

When your dog comes on the first try consistently inside your house, you can try moving outside. Outdoors, there are many more distractions for your dog, so the dog training will be harder, but with practice, your dog will learn to listen to you and avoid all distractions outside. The trick is to make sure that you are always positive and rewarding when your dog comes when called.

Reinforcing the Basic Dog Training

Most of these dog obedience training tips I have learned from my own experiences. The rest I have learned about and then tested them. I have tested all of these tips for training your dog to come and, if taught well, your dog will come to you in no time.

Many owners complain about not having a trained dog because training a dog to come is time consuming. Dogs are naturally curious about birds, the ground, other people, and, most of all, other dogs. The only way you can expect that kind of obedience all the time is if you have the dog reprogrammed all together, which we all understand is not an option.

Time, practice, and patience

pay off in this dog training lesson and in all of my dog training tips. Remember, your dog training will not be perfect right away, and you will be reinforcing your command throughout your dog's lifeagainst their instincts

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