Teaching a Dog to Roll Over

This page will teach you how to teach a dog to roll over. Teaching a dog to roll over is easy trick to learn if done correctly. It can be hard to understand how to do it and to do it perfectly. Below I will list the steps to do it correctly. Below the steps I will give some tips and experiences I have had.

First I would like to start by saying that some dogs just won’t roll over. This can happen primarily because they don’t trust you with the softest and weakest spot of their body. If this happens, I invite you to read my other page about how to get a dog to trust, but most dogs will learn if you follow some basic steps on how to train dog to roll over.

To begin teaching a dog to roll over, you need to start with the basic rolling action:

• Get a treat
• Kneel down in front of your puppy
• Move the treat from right in front of your dog’s nose to the side you want her/him to roll
• Keep moving the treat to your dog’s shoulder blades
• This should lure your dog to roll over on their side
• Give your puppy the treat and click your clicker

Once you have practiced these steps a few times, you can then move on to the more complete roll. Follow the steps above and then:

• As you move past the shoulder blades, keep moving the treat next to your dog’s backbone
• When your puppy lands on her opposite side, click and reward

If you want your puppy to do this right and not start to squirm, you have to hold your hand correctly. This will take some practice. Your hand needs to move in a fluid motion and the treat needs to be held so your dog can smell it and follow it easily.

Practice this for 5-10 minutes twice a day and in two weeks your dog should be rolling over. If teaching a dog to roll over takes longer for you, this isn’t rare. But if it takes beyond a month, I would recommend trying different methods or physically helping your dog roll over. Rewarding him with more dog training treats may help, but I wouldn’t encourage it.

Another problem I have encountered is that some dogs do not completely roll over. To help teach dog roll over if she isn’t rolling over completely, you can assist her. Try to just push lightly on her hips or shoulders to finish the “roll over” and click. Eventually, she will understand that this is what the roll over command means.

If your dog is a small dog, such as a bulldog or anything similar, you may have trouble teaching dog to roll over. Dogs that are stocky and have short necks often have problems with this trick. Don’t get too upset if they can’t do it.

After you have the clicking and treating part down, make sure you are cueing with your voice, and gradually make your hand motions more subtle. This may take a while and should not be done too soon. Rolling over can be a difficult thing for a dog to learn. You can start making your hand motions more subtle after one week of successful rolls following the above steps.

To train dog to roll over can be just as difficult for the owner as it is for the dog. Learning how to teach a dog how to roll over requires a lot of patience and dedication. Remember, practice makes perfect!

The first time with Bailey, when teaching dog roll over, she just got up and licked me. She was so cute about it too. It was frustrating, I admit, but then again I didn’t do it for two weeks. I bet after I try again and my grandmother starts trying she will get it in no time. The key with teaching a dog to roll over is training consistently. Bailey has improved so much in her training and happiness. I’m glad my grandmother got another dog!

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