Police Dog Training

Police dog training is a very complex process due to the many roles police dogs play in law enforcement and how important it is that the dogs obey commands. Each dog receives special training. Many police dogs are specifically trained to look for drugs, bombs, or guns. Police dogs are also trained to find missing people or suspects of a crime. Although police dogs may be trained to help in a variety of law enforcement tasks, one of the most fascinating aspects is the dog's role in the war on drugs.

The police are renowned for their police dogs. They are also renowned for their training techniques and special instructors. The police have a strict policy to make the dogs’ mission clear and perfect, and their dogs are trained for years to achieve that mission.

Police Dog Training Basics

The first step in police dog training, regardless of the role the dog will play in the police team, is making sure that the dog to be trained as a police dog understands basic obedience training. They must respond to any commands within a millisecond. The dog must also be able to control itself around anything, and the police officers in charge of the dog must be able to control how aggressive the dog is being at any moment.

A police dog is forced to go through intensive police dog training, like running up stairs and jumping over walls. The dogs must learn to be accustomed to city life and to people. A dog that is bad around people and traffic does not make a good police dog. They have to be used to lots of different types of distractions.

Police dogs go through a very hard and unique police dog training course. It is not easy to be a police dog, but they are well cared for and loved by their masters. They have to train for years to protect us, and they are very important and loved in the police community.

Drug Dog Training

Dogs are so big in the police and drug community because, if the dog hits on a location, it is actually considered probable cause. The rules for probable cause are very strict, and restrict police from just walking into a house. The presence of police dogs is a big accomplishment for law enforcement. Dogs are very effective in the war on drugs.

Police dog training is very sophisticated, especially drug dog training. The toy that is used most often is a white towel. Dogs, as you would know if you had one, love tug of war. Police use this towel to start their training with the goal being that, when dogs find drugs, they think they are going to play a game of tug of war.

The drug dog training starts with just playing tug of war. Then, marijuana is rolled up in the towel and they play some more. After playing for a while, the dog starts to realize that tug of war smells like marijuana. Then, the handler will hide the towel with drugs inside in various places. Then when the dog finds the towel, they are rewarded by getting to play more tug of war.

People often think that police dogs want to eat the drugs they find or that they become addicted to the drugs themselves. The answer is neither. Not only do the police dogs have no interest in drugs, but they absolutely hate them.

The dogs are actually just interested in playing with their favorite toys and playing their favorite games. What? Drugs are a dog’s favorite toy? No, but their training has made them think they will get a toy when they find the drugs the police are searching for.

Other Police Dog Training Facts

Many of the police dogs from European countries are given commands in their native language. Many people think this is so that no one but the master can give commands to his dog. This is a myth about the police dog. Police training is done in the dog's native language because they have already been taught those commands in that language. It makes it easier for trainers to train their dogs.Police dog training may sound like its all fun and games. When I heard about the tug of war game for drug dog training, initially, I laughed. Later, after more research, I figured out that the dogs have a pretty good life but it is not just fun and games. They have to go through training for years, and their police training must be constantly reinforced through special police dog training school programs.

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