No Bark Dog Collar:
Options for Dog Bark Control

Is your dog a barker? Chances are you’re not looking for a no bark dog collar for just the occasional yapping, even though most dogs are barkers, at some point, for some reason. Dogs that bark endlessly can be a problem for many owners, their neighbors, and their family and friends. If you have a barker at home, know that you’re not alone. Frustrated owners everywhere are looking for ways to stop barking issues.

Barking Dog: When Is It a Problem?

Before we begin to address methods of dog bark control, it is important to note that barking is a normal form of communication for dogs. Dogs will bark to signal or communicate everything from happiness and excitement to loneliness, anxiety and fear. They may even bark to alleviate boredom. In other words, barking can be a good thing, but only if it is controllable. Dogs should learn that they can bark once or twice to get their message across, but be able to be stopped on command.

Some dogs, however, bark incessantly and ignore their owners’ commands to stop the behavior. While it is important to try to determine the triggers for the unwanted barking behavior and try to remove the triggers or settle the fears, breaking a bad habit like incessant barking can be difficult without the aid of a no bark dog collar.

No Bark Dog Collar Options

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No bark dog collars are a controversial issue for many dog owners. The wrong dog bark collar can create more behavioral issues than you started with. Many owners don’t consider using one as an option because they are unaware that they have more to choose from than those inhumane, shock-producing anti barking collars in the stores. But there are gentle, humane alternatives that are equally effective and much less harmful for your dog.

- Spray Collars

A gentle spray bark collar works by emitting a burst of either air or a safe substance such as citronella. When your dog barks, this type of anti bark dog collar will spray the given substance in the general direction of your dog’s nose, interrupting and startling her. Over time, your dog will learn that barking is what triggers the unpleasant sensation and sound, and stop the behavior. An important thing to keep in mind is that a citronella no bark collar or similar items should not be used in the presence of other dogs, since another dog’s bark can trigger the sensor.

For those trying to address barking issues around other dogs, some spraying dog bark collars are available with remotes, so you can trigger the spray when your dog barks instead of the collar doing so automatically. This can be less effective, though, if not timed properly. To work as a dog training tool, your dog must associate the spray with the barking behavior.

- Ultrasonic Collars

Ultrasonic collars work by emitting a sound that only your dog can hear when he barks. The sound is intended to startle your dog, interrupting the behavior. Again, this style no bark dog collar should not be used in the presence of other dogs due to the possibility of another dog triggering the sensor. Also, the sound will affect other dogs nearby.

In terms of preferred gentle methods, a spray collar is technically more humane than these ultrasonic collars. The sound generated to interrupt the behavior can actually be painful for some dogs.

- Other Dog Bark Control Collars

I mentioned this briefly before, but shock collars for dogs do exist. A shock bark collar is often marketed as an “electronic” or “e-collar” and is definitely not a humane stop barking device for stubborn barkers. The shock produced by this style no bark dog collar is quite painful for the dog, which can create new behavioral issues, such as aggression or severe anxiety.

Prevent Dog Barking: A Final Note

Remember, there is a reason for your dog’s excessive barking. Ultimately, figuring out the reason and working to reframe it will be more effective than using a no bark dog collar. For frustrated owners, at their wits’ end, a spray collar or ultrasonic collar can help provide some immediate relief, and over time, serve as a dog training tool to help train your dog to stop barking when told.

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