Memory Foam Dog Bed

The History Behind a Memory Foam Dog Bed

The first memory foam was created in the 1970’s by NASA. It was intended to help reduce the G-force that astronauts traveling into space experienced.

Since then, however, it has proven to have other very positive characteristics. Its ability to reduce pressure points and provide even contouring of the whole body’s imprint has helped provide the most comfortable and supportive sleep possible. It was available for people long before it was available for pets and it provides the same positive benefits for dogs and cats that it does for people. A proper bed for your dog will not sink in the middle from the weight of the body, but instead will be contoured around your pet's body evenly.

I remember the first time I purchased memory foam products. My two older children were headed back to college and wanted something more comfortable on which to sleep than the thin mattresses that were on their dorm beds. I purchased memory foam mattress pads several inches thick to put on top of their dorm bed mattresses. What a difference! No more complaints about their beds!

Memory Foam: A Canine Health Care Tool

As dogs are living longer due to advanced veterinary care, they are experiencing many conditions that aging people experience. One of these is joint problems. If you or your dog has poor body alignment while sleeping, it can lead to joint problems later on in life, such as dog arthritis.

Also, if you think about it, dog bodies are not that different from humans. They have a skeleton composed of bones connected by joints and covered by a varying amount of body tissue, fat and skin.

However, they walk on all fours, unlike people. If you've ever experienced any joint pain, which most people have, you can imagine that your pets may have that same pain multiplied by four. Remember, they are using their elbows in much the same way that they (and we) use our knees.

The various materials that a dog bed could be composed of include gel, air, cotton, cedar chips, springs, and others. Only a properly designed memory foam bed will comfortably contour the body and hold its shape over time, allowing good alignment of the body’s joints. This is because it is able to form an impression of your pet's body shape.

All dogs can benefit from a memory foam dog bed regardless of their size. However, if you have a big dog, the benefit will be even greater. That, of course, is due to the sheer weight of big dogs and the ability of that weight to compress other types of beds, making them sink in the middle. Additionally, the bed may not have enough padding resulting in your pet practically sleeping on the floor rather than a bed.

Again, older dogs that are more likely to have dog arthritis and other joint conditions will benefit highly from the use of memory foam dog beds. However, a large dog at any age should have a memory foam dog bed.

Choosing the Right Memory Foam Dog Bed

Like most everything else, a memory foam dog bed can vary widely in price. And, like most other things, the quality of the beds will vary as the price varies. The best memory foam dog bed may be a little costly, but it's a small price to pay to keep your pet comfortable and healthy. It may also save you quite a bit of money in the future by reducing veterinary bills and medications for joint problems.

Memory foam dog beds come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They're available in sizes for small dogs all the way up to large dog beds for very large dogs. It is very important to get the right size for your dog. You defeat the purpose if you buy a bed that's too small for your large dog and he cannot stretch out and sleep in the most comfortable way for his size.

Also, if you have a dog that is still growing, you want to plan for the future and make sure you get a bed that's large enough for the size the dog is going to become.

Part of good canine health care is making sure your best friend has a comfy bed on which to sleep. An added benefit of a memory foam dog bed may very well be that if your dog sleeps better, you may sleep better also!

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