Litter Training Dog

Do you need some tips on how to begin litter training dog? I'm here to give you all the tips you will need. Litter training dog can be very hard. It has similarities to housebreaking a puppy but is different in many ways. This can be very difficult if you are a new dog owner and have never owned a dog before.

You may think that to potty train puppy would be similar to litter training your cat, but it is very different. I also must warn you that training a big dog to use a litter box is very hard to do. Smaller dogs are easier to train to use a box because they have smaller bladders and fit more easily and comfortably inside them.

To start litter training dog, you will need a dog litter box. You can use a cat litter box if you find the biggest one you can. It should be large enough for your dog to get inside and turn or move around in easily. If the litter box has a lid on it, it should be removed or cut off if it is attached. Doing so will make it easier for your dog to use and for you to clean. Fill the litter box with any type of filler, such as newspaper, litter, wood chips, or pee pads.

A litter training dog can catch on quickly or not so quickly. It all depends on the methods you use to train your dog and your dog himself. The method I suggest the most is quite similar to the way you would start crate training a puppy or dog.

It is important to note that if your dog or puppy is not housebroken before starting to train her to use a box, you might want to keep a close eye on her. Potty training a puppy can be hard work, and actually, some people prefer to litter or paper train their puppy before trying housebreaking.

Here's the gentle, step-by-step way to get your dog to use a litter box:

• Designate the area you want your dog to use the litter box in. A tiled floor is best because it is easy to clean.

• Place the litter box, filled with whatever filler you’ve chosen, in the area.

• If your dog is a male, place something like a rock inside the litter box for him to lift his leg near.

• Bring your puppy to the litter box at regular intervals, just as you would when housebreaking.

• Place your puppy in the box and praise him.

• If he climbs in the box on his own, give lots of praise the first few times.

• After your dog is getting into the box regularly on her own, treat your puppy when she goes in the box.

If you catch your dog in the act of going on the floor instead of in the box, you will have say a loud “NO!” or slap your hands together. A litter training dog can be sensitive to even the slightest reaction that you give him/her.

As time goes on trying to potty train puppy, he/she will start going to the box on her own. It takes time, practice, and there will be many mistakes and accidents along the way. The trick is to keep trying, and before you know it your dog will be using a litter box!

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