How to Train Your Puppy to Watch You

On this page, I’m going to teach you how to train your puppy to watch you. Sometimes you will need to get your dog’s attention, whether to teach a new command or trick or to get him/her to focus on you instead of a distraction, such as the mailman or another animal. Your dog watching you on command is also a great first step in learning how to train your puppy to obey many other commands, ranging from come to bark to go outside.

I will list a few steps and tell you other commands that should work if you find that this one isn’t working. I will give you helpful tips and tricks if this command isn’t working. Remember, online dog training or dog training of any kind takes time and practice for both you and your dog. So, although this is sometimes a hard command for a puppy to learn, it will soon pay off.

How to Train Your Puppy to Watch You

The verbal command or word you might want to teach is “focus” or “attention,” although “watch me” can work as well. Single-word commands, however, are both usually easier for both the dog owner and the dog to remember.

puppy watching yo

• Show your dog a treat to get his/her attention

• Move the treat in front of your face or pull it to your forehead

• Say the verbal command “focus” or “attention”

• Once you have your dog’s attention, give him/her the treat

• Use your hands and arms to cue this action

If you don’t have a dog training clicker, I suggest you get one because that is the most common way of teaching this command and is often the easiest. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate dog clicker training into this dog training exercise, you may learn more about the basics here. Basically, once you have a clicker, you should click it when you have your dog’s attention and then give your dog a treat.

Puppies can be more difficult to teach the focus or attention command to. If you are trying to learn how to train your puppy to do this, you should wait until they are about nine months old. This is because this command requires eye contact, and at nine months old, your puppy’s eyesight will be fully developed, making this online dog training lesson easier to follow.

Problems Learning How to Train Your Puppy to Watch You?

If you can’t get your puppy’s attention, try to kneel down at his/her height while following the above steps. In doing so, you will appear less like the alpha. This is one of the only dog training commands where you should not appear as the master, because it can disrupt your dog’s gaze from you.

You can also be much more dramatic with your hand and arm motions while starting to teach the focus command. Your dog is likely to follow your hand with his eyes, especially if you are holding a treat, and speaking the command once your dog’s eyes are locked with yours will help reinforce the dog training.

Training a command like “watch me” is better when done in a calm setting. This will go faster if you make a routine of making a few calm moments with your dog before having dinner. This is how to train your puppy to watch you.

How to Train Dogs Using Watch Me as a Tool

I know that your puppy might still not understand what you are trying to get them to do, but know firsthand that hard work and patience pays off. Today, I went over to my grandmothers to pick up some apple crisp. I saw Bailey and she has seemed to get well-behaved very quickly. She is growing up to be a magnificent dog and puppy. I really enjoy seeing her and training her as well.

Although the focus command is a helpful dog training command, it is not necessary to have taught your dog to follow this in order to complete basic dog obedience training. There are many other ways to make your dog understand training other than watch me, and many different dog training products and tips are covered throughout this site.

However, if you follow these simple steps to learn how to train your puppy to watch you, you will be very pleased with how this helps you to train your dog to be better behaved in a variety of other dog training exercises and out in society. By successfully learning how to train a dog to watch you, you can get your dog’s attention easily when it is time to learn a new trick or basic dog obedience command, such as sit or stay, and even when you need to distract your puppy from barking at the mailman or another dog.

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