How To Train A Puppy To Lie Down

Are you trying to find out how to train a puppy to lie down? Perhaps you don't know if you should send your dog to a dog training camp or use online dog training tips and do it yourself?

As you may have read on the other pages of my website, my grandmother has a new puppy named Bailey. For the last two weeks, I have been showing my Grandmom how to train a dog.I have been using basic dog obedience training methods with Bailey. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not. Bailey is a very energetic puppy and very smart, but sometimes she's very scared. For example, she is terrified of cars and steps.

However, our lessons on sitting, staying and lying down have been going well. If you are frustrated, I definitely understand. Puppies in particular can be unpredictable. But you can learn how to train dogs if you are patient, persistent, and follow my easy steps.

On this page, I will teach you how to train a puppy to lie down. This command is relatively easy to teach because all dogs lie down naturally. You just have to teach them to associate the word with the action.

Here are the steps to take to teach your dog to lie down:

• Get your dog to sit
• Let her sniff a dog training treat that you are holding
• Lower the treat to the ground
• Your dog may or may not follow
• Say lie down to your dog if she/he is following the treat
• Give your dog the treat once he/she is lying down
• Say good boy/ good girl
• Repeat

This is how to train a puppy or dog to lie down. If your dog or puppy rolls over while lying down, do not get upset. It is natural.

When you feel fairly confident that your dog will lie down upon command, practice all over your house. If your dog can do it anywhere in your house, she probably has the behavior firmly embedded in her brain.

You can make a game out of commanding your dog to lie down. While you’re walking with your puppy, suddenly instruct her to lie down. Then continue walking. Keep doing this occasionally. Most dogs enjoy the variety, but don't do it too often or for too long or your puppy will get bored.

If you need more basic dog obedience training and your own efforts don't seem to be paying off, you may want to look into a school for dogs. However, I would make this option a last resort. Your dog doesn’t want to be away from home. Also, it sometimes happens that your dog may do well at obedience school, but when back at home, has trouble transferring the role of "master" back to you.

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