Dog Training Treat

I am here to discuss the importance of using a dog training treat when training your dog or puppy. Treats are one of the dog training products that can be very useful in teaching your dog to obey commands. A training treat isn’t a special name brand product, but is another one of the dog training ideas to help your puppy learn more quickly and efficiently.

I have used a training treat to train Bailey to “stay” and to “come.” When Bailey wouldn't come to me on command, I used a treat to get her attention so she would come to get it. Using the treat in dog training aids in how quickly your dog can learn, too, since most dogs are very food-motivated.

I like to use a dog training treat to train my dogs to obey a number of commands. Different types of tricks and commands will ask for you to use the treats in different places and ways.

For example, if you were trying to train “come,” you would hold the treat near you so your dog or puppy would come to you, just as I had done with Bailey. If you were trying to train a dog to “lie down,” you would hold the treat on the floor under your hand so your dog would lie down trying to get it.

There are many different dog treat brands, companies and flavors you can try. A dog training treat can be small or large, crunchy or soft, liver or vegetable. Some companies make training treats that are designed to be small or low in calories, but these are not necessary. You can use cheese or lunch meats as a dog training treat.

For store-bought dog treats, though, I like to use Bully Sticks, Greenies, Purina T-bonez, and Nylabone, to name a few. I like these companies because they are all natural, healthy, and very high in flavor, which helps ensure your dog will love them. I also advise you to look for liver treats. All of my dogs and most others I know love liver flavored treats. These brands are not nearly all of the healthy and all natural out there, but they aren’t very expensive. More importantly, I know that these work well when training your dog and most dogs love them.

I really enjoy using Greenies. I recommend Greenies because they help clean teeth and control bad dog breath. You can cut them into smaller pieces, making them last longer and have fewer calories for your dog. This can be important when using a dog treat for a command like “leave it,” where you will train your dog by rewarding him with a treat from one hand every time he ignores the treat in your other hand.

A dog training treat of any kind can be found in any pet store, and even in your local supermarket. So, you don't have to look all around for them. Remember, treats can be used for many different training reasons. Treats are one of the many dog training products or dog training tools that can help when other methods don't work.

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