Dog Training Camp - 5 Tips for Choosing the Best School for Your Canine

Has dog training camp entered your mind? Perhaps Fifi has been chewing out your carpet? Cruising counters? Stealing food from the table? Barking at guests? If so, it's most likely time to send your beloved canine to camp.

Dog training camps have training-intensive programs called dog training boot camp. Don't think the worst of these schools, though. They're nothing at all like the correctional facilities that use military training techniques to discipline young criminals. Rather, they're places where your pet can learn better manners. A good dog training boot camp teaches your hound better behavior. At the same time, it gives your dog plenty of opportunities to socialize. But given that there are so many schools that offer programs for dog training kennels, how do pick out the one that is best for your four-legged pal? Here are some tips.

1. Check the Class Size - What is the ratio of puppies per trainer? You want your dog to get the attention he needs so be sure to pick out a dog training camp where the class size is limited.

Keep in mind that you do not want the class to be too big or too small. If it's too big, your pet could get overlooked. If it's too small, your pet will not get the chance to interact with other dogs. Interaction with other dogs is crucial because it can help your dog learn how to get along with the others in a pack.

2. Check the Admission Requirements - You're all for democracy and equal opportunity but not when it comes to your pup's classroom. So, be sure to check the admission requirements. Make sure that your dog won't be thrust into a class with much older dogs. If a child can get bullied, so can dogs.

3. Ask About the School's Training Methods - You want your pup to grow up well-adjusted and friendly, not hostile, conflicted, or angry. To make sure the dog training camp you choose won't make a potential felon of your pooch, sign up for a program that emphasizes positive reinforcement. Many schools train dogs using abusive methods—avoid them.

4. Go Over the Syllabus - Take an active hand in your pawed friend's education. Go over the lessons that he's supposed to be learning and see if they all meet your approval. For all you know, a certain school could be in the business of producing canine commandos! The typical dog training camp focuses on teaching your doggie the basic commands such as staying, sitting, and coming when it's called.

5. Ask to Observe a Class First - Before registering your pup at a dog training camp, ask that you be allowed to sit in one class first. This will let you evaluate the trainer's teaching methods. At the same time, you can see for yourself how the dogs are taught and handled.

Dogs make excellent pets. They're smart, loyal, and affectionate. However, dogs' natural pack instincts usually take over. If your dogs manners require a little polish, sign him up for boot camp where he can learn not just a new trick or two but a better way to behave, too. Your dog will thank you for it!

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