National Take Your Dog to Work Day

This Friday is National Take Your Dog To Work Day. To help you get excited about it, I am going to share the history and origins of National Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

It first started in 1999 when Pet Sitters International decided to celebrate man’s best friend. It was also created to encourage people to adopt animals from local shelters and give dogs a new home.The annual event asks dog owners and pet lovers alike to come together and celebrate the bond between humans and dogs. The workers are supposed to encourage their bosses to support Bring Your Dog To Work Day by letting them bring their canine friend to work one day a year.

On Friday, June 24th, businesses, animal shelters and care professionals from all over the globe will work together to improve the lives of dogs and animals. Hundreds or thousands of businesses will open their doors to the four legged creatures we call man's best friend.

This celebration of Take Your Dog To Work is the 13th annual celebration. Thirteen years ago, the owner and founder of Pet Sitter International, Patti Moran, found the perfect way to support adoption of dogs and creat acceptance of the furry animals in the workplace. The date was set and is still celebrated.

The mission is to raise acceptance for adoption and to help secure a home for some of the many homeless dogs in the world. The hope was that coworkers would see the loving bond that exists between humans and dogs and they would go out and adopt one for themselves. Around 300 companies welcomed their employees' best friends that first year when USA Today featured an article about PSI and their motives.

It is estimated that over 100,000 companies will open their doors to dogs. So please, if you work in a workplace where not a lot of people own dogs, ask your boss.

Do you yearn to see your dog all day when you are at work? Do you enjoy going to boring meetings and workshops without your beloved little friend? Does your friend look so sad and alone when you leave?

Well, I have a solution for you. I know it doesn’t seem like much. One day. Wow, just one day, my dog isn’t sad. Well, it may look like it isn’t much. But it is. For one day, you can show people what it is like to have someone love you and trust you unconditionally. Not everyone has someone in the world, but dogs are always there for you.

Dogs catch you when you fall, so show them you love them and take them to work. You can show other people, show your boss, and still get your work done. The difference is while you work; you can pet your dog and enjoy his company.

So this Friday, bring in your friend and loved one. Make them feel happy at work. Instead of having a boring Friday and weekend, have a great Friday with your dog.

Here are some facts about Take Your Pet To Work Day

• 100 percent of the companies that allowed dogs into their workplace said they would continue to do just that.• 73 percent said that it made the environment more creative for their employees.• 96 percent reported positive relationships between coworkers when they brought in their dogs.• 58 percent of the employees who brought their pets in stayed later and worked more.• The companies who are pet friendly tend to have only 25 percent or less employees that smoke.

So please find out if you can bring in your pride and joy this Friday. Not only will you enjoy it and your dog enjoy it, but you just might influence a co-worker to adopt a dog also and in doing so, save a life!

Thank you.

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