Dog Problems - Bailey's Progress

It is not unusual for a new pet you adopt to have dog problems. When my grandmother moved back to Pennsylvania, my dad wanted her to get a dog. My grandmother has always had dogs ever since she was an adult. I don't know why my grandmother didn't want a dog - maybe it was because she didn't want to get attached.

Recently, my dad went to a shelter and saw a couple of dogs. I don't know if my dad knew that he wanted Bailey right away or if she was his second choice, but he adopted her and brought her to my grandmother. My grandmother decided to name her Bailey after Bailey Irish ice cream because her coat looks very creamy.

Bailey, as it turns out, was from an Amish house. She lived in the barn with the horses and, as far as I know, never received any care from a vet. She had many dog health problems. Her skin itched and she had sores all over. Bailey also had yeast in her ears and scratches and other dog problems. However, she was such a loving dog.

Bailey seemed emotionally fine and happy, except that she was afraid of getting in and out of cars. Aside from that, she was afraid of steps and wouldn't leave your side.

Bailey has grown and changed for the better since then, but it still saddens us to remember what she went through. To take care of her dog problems meant having to spend a lot of money and many visits to the vet.

Along the way, Bailey has made many new and exciting friends. Most of the dog owners give her treats and bones. Everyone enjoys spending time with Bailey. She loves her dog chew toys.

I am surprised at how far she has come over the last 2-3 months. For a puppy with so many dog problems, she has come a long way. She now goes up and down stairs just because she can. She still is somewhat afraid of cars, but she loves to go swimming in mini pools.

I enjoy seeing and playing and training Bailey whenever I can. Bailey seems to enjoy these encounters as well. My grandmother is attached to Bailey and Bailey is very attached to my grandmother.

Bailey recently learned how to stay and somewhat learned what the command ‘come’ means. I am still working with Bailey to ‘come’, but I am proud of her for her achievements thus far.

Bailey is now 6-7 months old and has gotten over her fears and has learned some new tricks. The whole neighborhood knows and loves her. She has maybe two visitors a day bringing her bones and treats and taking her for walks with their dogs.

Bailey is a great dog, and I have enjoyed training her. I continue to try to train her on some dog commands and basic dog obedience training.

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