Dog Leash Training:
Health Benefits for You
and Your Dog

Dog walking, after dog leash training, has benefits for you and your best friend. Walking is an important part of being a responsible dog owner, and leash training a dog can make it easier. And now, many studies have been conducted showing there are benefits for your health that come from walking your dog regularly. These studies have proven that walking your dog will increase your life expectancy.

Dog Leash Training: Health Benefits for You

In a study conducted by Matthew Reeves and others, published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, research has shown that 34% of dog owners get the minimal amount of recommended exercise every week because of their furry friends, walking about an extra hour per week over people without dogs. Matthew Reeves is an associate professor of epidemiology at the Michigan State University in East Lansing and is also a veterinarian.

In Reeves’s study, he suggested that for people who are having trouble improving their health, walking their dog can help. Dogs are great motivators for exercise. People who don’t normally walk are now inclined to walk because of their dogs.

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Walking your dog will help your heart. Walking helps improve heart health overall by getting you moving when you would otherwise be sitting still. Your dog’s need to go outside can help you get motivated to walk because he needs it.

It is a known fact that many people in the world do not get enough exercise, and therefore are not in good shape. Reeves’s study indicated that the public health problem of obesity affects both animals and humans. Obesity is a problem worldwide. Walking with your dog will increase the calories you burn daily, potentially helping to control your weight, too.

The fresh air will help your mood, too, especially on a sunny day! Being in a good mood can help you live longer too.

Dog Leash Training: Dog Health Benefits

Reeves’s study also said that there are just as many health benefits from walking for the pet as for the owner. Many dogs today are overweight too, and the more opportunities they get to go for a walk, the more healthy they are becoming too.

Reeves and other scientists and veterinarians agree that if you’re not walking your dog, you should be. Some people can’t because they are too old or the dog is too old, but every dog should get a chance to be walked. Dog leash training and dog walking are important parts of pet care. Even if the dog runs around in your backyard, time walking with their owner is important for dog health and happiness. Dogs that go for walks with their owners tend to be more bonded with their owners, too.

Getting the Most Dog Leash Training Benefits

When you walk your dog, your goal should be to walk for at least ten minutes. Walking for 15 to 20 minutes would be better for you or your dog. If you see your dog is getting tired, go back home. You can try going longer every time by a few minutes, increasing your dog’s stamina.

It is better for your dog’s health and for your health that you walk your dogs. It can give you the exercise that you need and that the dog needs. Just running around in your backyard doesn’t mean your dog is healthy or getting enough exercise. And, if you should try to switch up the dog walking route you take, it will keep your dog excited and you engaged. The only problem with changing the route often is that your dog will stop to smell more!

Remember, walking a dog after successful dog leash training can help you to bond with your dog too. If you walk your dog it can become better around other dogs and people, and become better around you.

So, are you ready to get healthy, improve your dog's overall health and happiness, and potentially extend your life expectancy?

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