Dog Clicker Training

In these next few paragraphs I will teach you about dog clicker training. This is one of the cheapest and easiest dog training devices to use. I will include easy-to-follow steps and some things to expect back from your dog. Dog clicker training is a method used to help train your dog to perform tricks and understand commands .

Many dogs respond to clicker training. It is one the most used dog training methods and is being used more and more each day. I suggest that you use a clicker to help train your dog easier and faster. The point of using a clicker is so, with practice, your dog or puppy will think of the clicker as a reward for doing something right and will do it again.

Throughout my site, I suggest many dog training products to help train your dog, but I especially recommend the clicker. You can get a clicker at almost any pet store. They are being used and sold worldwide. Once you have purchased one, you should attach a wrist strap to your clicker for easy access. These are free dog clicker training tips, not because they don’t work but because they should be.

To begin clicker training, you will need to first get your dog comfortable with the sound of the clicker. Begin by clicking your clicker randomly, and every time you do, give a treat to your dog. There is no wrong answer at this stage. Just make sure to always give treats so your dog will associate clickers with good things.

Moving forward, there are only three rules to dog clicker training:

- Click when ever your puppy does something right.

- Never reward with another click, just treats or praise.

- You have to click right after your puppy does what you want him/her to do.

You can use a clicker to assist in training your dog to sit, stay, or do various tricks. Make sure you always use a verbal command along with clicking your dog clicker. This will help your dog learn more quickly.

Eventually, you will stop giving treats after they have started to understand the clicker. Then, when you are training or using the clicker, your dog will recognize the sound of the clicker as a reward.

Clickers are not only important and helpful, but are also fun and rewarding for your dog or puppy. Puppies think of clickers as exciting noises, which is why they are often so effective. Be careful not to overuse a clicker while you’re training because your dog may get used to it and stop responding in the way you would like.

Clickers are very popular because of their successful statistics. If you can’t get your dog to comprehend that clickers are a sign of good behavior, yet, don’t get upset. Keep trying. Remember, although this is usually a very fast tool to get your dog used to, every dog is different and may respond differently.

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