Canine Raw Food Diet:
The Best Dog Food
for Canine Health

Do you want your dog to be the picture of canine health? Have you ever heard of the canine raw food diet? This diet is one of the best dog food options out there and will make your dog healthy and strong, can help with a variety of dog health problems, and is easier than you think to start!

The raw food diet is all natural and made just for your dog as he would eat in the wild. Dogs are truly omnivores, eating a bit of food for carnivores and herbivores. Your dog will love you and this diet, because a raw diet provides the highest quality meat and vegetables for your dog so that he grows as strong as he can.

What is the Canine Raw Food Diet?

The canine raw food diet is truly an all natural dog diet, unlike other commercial dog food diets where the dog food is processed. It is safe, unlike other foods you may food your dog, which may become subject to a dog food recall because of processing, chemical, and equipment errors, which is one of every dog owner’s big fears!

The canine raw food diet consists of vegetables and meat and other uncooked, all-natural foods. Essentially, any food that is natural and comes from the earth can be fed to your dog. The raw food diet for dogs menu is actually more than any dog food you could buy in a store or even accomplish by following any home-cooked dog food recipes.

There is an important distinction to be made between the canine raw diets and homemade dog food, though. Homemade dog food implies that you are making the food, cooking the food, and following dog food recipes. In the canine raw food diet, your meat should not be cooked, you should try to find the best quality meat you can find, and all vegetables should be fresh and raw.

Why Feed the Canine Raw Food Diet?

raw food diet dog in sweate

It is true. Raw foods can help your dog with many ailments. For many things, all you or your dog needs is more calcium, more vitamins, and more minerals, and the raw food diet has all of that. Raw foods are highly digestible, the nutrients easily absorb-able, and they will also keep your dog feeling full and healthy. Because of this, feeding raw foods is better than most, if not all, homemade or commercial made diets.

Even if you are feeding your dog a homemade dog food diet that is natural and not processed, the canine raw food diet is still better and carries many canine health benefits. If you find that the raw food diet is too expensive or if your dog becomes sick from eating this way, then homemade diets are the next best thing. But, because of the nutritional value that can be lost in the cooking process, I advise everyone to try the raw food diet for the best in canine health and nutrition.

The Canine Raw Food Diet and Dog Health Problems

Feeding dogs raw food can help with tissue regeneration and helps your canine’s organs. The higher absorbency of nutrients in raw, unprocessed foods without additives will create an overall improvement in your dog’s health and can even help eliminate a number of dog health problems.

The raw food helps with dog food allergies as well. Finding dog food for allergic dogs is hard for many owners, so if your dog has an allergy, you should think about switching to the raw diet. The lack of chemicals, preservatives, and the ability to easily isolate the proteins and vegetables that may be causing your dog’s allergies makes feeding raw foods the best dog food for dogs with allergies and essentially serves as an anti allergy dog food.

If your dog is allergic to any food, if you are scared that the brand name food may make your dog sick or worried about dog food recall problems, or if you just want to make your dog healthier and prevent illnesses, the raw food diet is the one for you. There is no other diet that will do all of these things.

While there are so many canine health benefits to feeding raw food, there are some risks to this diet just like every other diet. Raw food isn’t for every dog. Since people have been feeding cooked food to dogs for decades, the dog’s digestive system has become used to it and may have some trouble, like diarrhea, if you switch rapidly. If your dog becomes sick after eating the canine raw food diet, I advise that you stop feeding it to them and discuss whether or not making the switch is the right thing to do for your dog with your veterinarian.

Making the Switch to the Canine Raw Food Diet

Most dogs I have encountered love the canine raw food diet and are very excited to start it, so making the switch is usually very easy. Some small dogs, such as Chihuahuas, however, do not like converting to the raw food diet. The best way to start your dogs on a raw only diet, especially if your dog is finicky and doesn’t like the new healthy dog diet immediately, is to transition your dog very slowly.

Start by feeding your dog what will essentially be homemade dog food. Give your dog fully cooked meat at first, and then begin to, every so often, cook the meat less and less. In human terms, start at well-done meat and move your way slowly down to rare until, eventually, you can stop cooking the meat all-together.

This should do the trick for most, if not all, dogs. If it doesn’t work. try moving through the cooked to uncooked process more slowly until your dog figures out that the diet is great!Most dogs do love the canine raw food diet, and it will keep them healthy and may prevent certain viruses and illnesses. You are very likely to find, if you try it, that the raw dog food diet is the best all natural dog diet you can give your dog.

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