Bed Bugs Dog Training

The New York Times recently posted an article about Bed Bugs Dog Training – training bed bug sniffing dogs. People are hoping that the dogs will save us from the bed bug epidemic. I sure hope they do because I cannot stand bugs.

Roscoe, a well-known bed bug dog in New York, is being discounted by a reporter, Cara Buckley. She says that many bed bug detection dogs are giving false positives in bed bug free apartments and houses.

The problem may be coming from poorly trained bed bug sniffing dogs or the trainers that take care of them. Some people believe that the bed bug detection companies who also have extermination abilities are giving false positives for money. However, the problem may also be from bed bugs in the area whose scent is carried around. In other words, some of the hits may be from hidden bed bugs or from the scent of a different apartment all together.

bed bugs dog

Some experts say that the bed bugs dog trainers should not only feed the dog when it gives a hit. They say that type of training would give incentive to give false positives. Many people are skeptical of these experts and say, “Dogs aren’t that smart.” Whether the bed bugs dog sniffers are smart enough to reason that they get food from giving false positives or not is not the problem. Whatever the reason, we need to fix the false hits.

Some people are going as far as to say that dog bed bug detection shouldn’t be used at all since dogs aren’t four-legged scientists. This is a big debate in the dog community. Many people are up at arms with the allegations against the IQ of dogs.

Dogs are known to have unbelievable bonds with their masters and handlers. We love them so much because they value and worship and love us back.. Some experts are saying the bed bug dogs may feel that they are disappointing their masters by not finding bed bugs so they give false hits.

bed bugs beagle

This not-wanting-to-disappoint feeling didn’t start with bed bug detection dogs. It began all the way back in Germany when dogs were first used for detection. It has seemed to be inevitable that there can be an element of dogs wanting to please their masters anytime they are being trained. Whether we can fix this problem with bed bugs dog training or think of a new solution, we need to think of it fast. This bed bug epidemic is spreading quickly and nobody wants bed bugs in their bed.

Many people become afraid that their home is infected with bed bugs just from hearing about bed bugs. Just suspecting an infestation can gross out an innocent homeowner. Nobody wants bugs crawling on them and their clothes. Many people are losing sleep over these annoying pests.

The bed bug experts say we are only in the first inning of this epidemic. An even bigger infestation is coming. These little bugs are invading all these homes in the major cities. It is a big problem. Getting rid of the whole infestation is going to be hard. They are so small and hide within furniture and come out during the night. Many are becoming resistant to the chemical sprays we use to kill them.

Bed bugs travel and spread through handbags and luggage from place to place, breeding in people’s homes. Homes, hotels, theatres, stores, and many other places are in the heat of this invasion. The pest detection companies and the extermination companies are working hand in hand to stop this ordeal.

This infestation is becoming worse and worse. In my opinion, we need to do whatever we can to fight this battle. Dogs have long been used for detecting a variety of objects from dead bodies to drugs. If bed bug dog training will lead to bed bug detection dogs that can help us fight even a part of this spreading infestation, I am all for it. I’d rather sleep with a cute little Beagle than a gross bed bug any day!!!

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