Basic Dog Obedience Training

The main focus of this page is to tell you the basic dog obedience training commands you might want to teach your new puppy or dog. I will give a summary of each one and tell you little bit about it.

Basic dog obedience training is the first step in teaching your dog anything. Whether you're trying to teach your dog how to ring a bell to ask to go outside or to just give you his paw, this is where it all starts.

(1) Sit – This is one of the main steps to training your dog. Training your dog to sit is a great way to start off the training process. The reason you will want to train your dog to do this is because, whether you're walking your dog or just waiting to feed them, you're going to want them to sit. This is a very important command.

(2) Stay – If you're in the kitchen and somebody rings the doorbell, you might want your dog to stay while you answer the door. This is one of the more basic commands in dog obedience training.

One of the main reasons for training your dog to stay is that your dog will feel better about himself. It sounds crazy, but it has been proven that dogs like learning. Stay is a very important command.

(3) Come – What do you do if your dog isn’t following you? Training your dog to come is the answer. Come is one of the most important commands in basic dog obedience training. When your dog does come to you, it means you don't have to worry.

Teaching this command is as simple as when your dog comes, give her treats. If your dog doesn't come, you don't give her a treat. This is simple but important.

These are only three of the most basic dog obedience training commands. They are very important and

- once he knows them, your dog is free to learn anything.

- These commands are very important to help your dog feel comfortable around other dogs and people, and for you to feel comfortable with your dog.

- These commands provide the groundwork for teaching more advanced commands like follow me or play hide and seek.

Remember when training your dog that dogs are very special companions and deserve all the patience in the world. You will be very proud of your puppy when he/she knows these commands, and they will be very happy and trust you more.

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