Barking Dog Training

Do you have a noisy, barking dog? Training your dog stop barking is difficult, because barking in dogs is perfectly natural. To us, though, it can become annoying in excess amounts. All animals make their own noises, and dogs bark to communicate. If you have ever owned a dog, you undoubtedly know that they bark. If you are new to owning a dog, you will soon learn the difficulties of barking dog training.

Excessive dog barking causes problems for you, your friends, your neighbors, and even your dog. Barking is a tool dogs use to express themselves. It expresses their excitement, alerts their humans of possible dangers, and is used to communicate with other dogs. It is unrealistic to think you can stop dog barking altogether, but there are ways to get the barking to minimum.

Dog Barking: Understanding Why

There are many reasons why a dog barks, but most excessive or incessant dog barking comes from an emotional source. A dog barks from stress, loneliness, boredom, and fear. Most of all, though, incessant dog barking is usually an attempt for your dog to get attention.

Take for instance that, if your dog has no friends (human or animal) and you are barely around or away at work, this is the time that your neighbors complain your dog has been a barking dog. Because of loneliness and boredom, your dog is going to bark more while you are away from home. Your dog needs a hobby, just like you, except his hobby has become barking. Since you aren’t there to help your dog, comfort him, or control him, he will bark.

Unfortunately, once your dog starts barking, she will keep doing out of fun. Barking is actually addictive for dogs in some ways. And, just like you might like watching TV, your dog actually enjoys barking.

Many owners unintentionally train their dogs to bark. For instance, if your dog barks, you may take her for a walk. If she barks again while on the walk, you may take her back home. You obey your dog when he barks, so he keeps doing it. Over time, you have inadvertently taught your dogs that they get attention from barking. Dog training can't help until you have an understanding that the sound of your dog's barking gets your attention. By responding, your dog has learned that your attention, whether good or bad, is worth barking over.

The Barking Dog: Training to Minimize Barking

To stop dog barking, or at least reduce it, you must fix the wrong signals you have given your dog. Showing your dog different ways to communicate with you and get your attention is the key to barking dog training.

The first step to overcoming a barking dog problem, since your dog himself is not a problem, is to realize that your dog is bored. The second step is to exercise your dog a lot so when you aren’t home they will sleep. It is better for your puppy to sleep and be tired then spend the time you are away from her anxious, scared, and, most of all, barking. If you start dog obedience training or teaching your dog tricks often, your dog will feel more satisfied, and most times, mentally exhausted. Plus, she will enjoy learning and finding new ways to get your attention!

If your dog doesn’t get walked much and just stays in the backyard, he probably has a non-existent social life, as well, which can contribute to loneliness. Your dog has a natural urge to investigate and find new friends. Even if you can’t introduce your dog to other dogs, go to new areas and give your dog a chance to smell new smells. It can even be as simple as giving him a chance to smell the bush just outside of your backyard. It is much too easy, for many of us, to think that dogs are okay enough emotionally spending all of their outside time just in their own backyard. You need a walk to sometimes, and doing so can have emotional and physical benefits for both you and your dog. It’s important to remember that your dog, just like you, is a very social being.

You must deal with this obstacle, or else it will just grow and grow. Your dog’s barking will be a nuisance until you retrain it. Most dogs have no idea if barking is a good or bad behavior. Dogs don’t instantly know right from wrong. You have to teach them. It is not their fault, and ultimately, through barking dog training, it is up to you whether they will learn or not.

Remember, you are not born knowing what two plus two is. Your parents or teachers taught you. You must teach your dog. Barking dog training, although difficult and time-consuming, can be accomplished with patience and taking the time to understand your dog’s behavior. No matter what, even if you think your dog is a bad dog, he is not. Your barking dog is trying to tell you something, and if you listen, and retrain him to tell you in different ways, you will stop dog barking problems.

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